Sendra 2944 Engineer Boots

Handmade Sendra Engineer Boots from genuine cowhide with oil-resistant sole and without steel toe-caps.
- Outer leather and sole are stitched together via a double welt seam.
- The sole moves perfectly in tandem with the foot from day one.
- The heel is made from full-grain leather - not plastic, not wood, not hollow.
- Made in: Spain

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Sendra 2944 Engineer Boots

Sendra are well-known for their Western boots.
With these engineer boots Sendra further strengthens its presence in the biker boot sector.
The Spanish shoemakers haven’t reinvented the wheel with these boots, but they certainly offer an alternative for those who aren’t into steel toe-caps, those who prefer soft premium leather over a tough kind, and for those who would like a sole that adapts from day one to the foot’s movement.
The concept behind the boots’ origins is without question a brilliant one, i.e. working shoes which stay sturdy.
But nowadays the classic Engineer Boot is much more than a worker shoe. The boot form has been highly-coveted for decades.
These robust engineer boots from Sendra have oil-resistant soles, are sewn-welted and fully leather; at the same time they are elegant, very light for an engineer boot, and from the first moment a pleasure to wear. All these advantages have also been recognised by fashion-conscious women.

Made in Spain.

  • Sendra is renowned for its biker boots and this engineer boot further proves its expertise.
  • Sendra Engineer Boots from soft leather without steel toe-caps.
  • Silky, glossy outer leather is welt-seam stitched to the oil-resistant outer sole.
  • The straight 2.5cm heel provides a perfect foothold.
  • Quick and secure delivery