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Naked Leather Biker Wallet Full-Grain 8"

- Natural full-grain cow leather surface
- Very soft but strong leather
- You do not need to slide back and forth in the saddle because the butt is buzzing
- With chain, carabiner and belt loop for securing

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Naked Leather Biker Wallet

It's a one-per-center wallet - and that's because about 99% of biker wallets are made from sturdy split or saddle leather.

This wallet does not - it is full grain, left natural with the open suede side inside and extremely soft.
Most bikers or truckers love the wallets with the chain because they are safe. But honestly, after a few hundred kilometers, the "stiff" wallets start to get annoying - whether on the bike or in the truck.

This wallet is a real alternative with large compartments, space for cards, coin pocket with zipper and press studs that hold everything together.

8" and nice black

  • Biker wallet made of thick natural cowhide
  • There is enough space for papers, credit cards and a zipped coin pocket
  • The wallet has a safety chain with carabiner and belt loop
  • It is very soft and does not "annoy" on long rides
  • 8" - a good size for a wallet