Sendra Leather Belt 7606-brown decorated

- Sendra leather belts are more than just a slip brake for the pants
- Richly decorated leather goods are traditionally firmly anchored in Spain
- Unique quality, paired with outstanding workmanship
- This leather belt combines both criteria quite loosely

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Sendra Leather Belt 7606-brown

Even though it is widespread nowadays to let the pants slip almost down to the back of the knee to reveal the look of the current underpants - but for sure, you can alternatively take on a classic leather belt.

Everybody who has come to appreciate Sendra Boots as a loyal companion for years knows that Sendra specializes in high-quality leather processing.
The leather belts from Spain are in no way inferior to the shoes and boots in quality and workmanship.

The 4cm wide belt of 3 layers of leather with the oval silver Concha is additionally provided around the Concha elaborately with decorative stitching. The leather layers are glued together over the entire surface and sewn together at the edges with strong yarn.
Of course, if you have your own buckle, you do not have to do without it, because Sendra belts are equipped with push-button fasteners for the respective belt buckles.

  • Leather belt in various designs with press studs
  • Lined, sewn and with a stitching on the sides
  • Brown leather in three layers, decorated with Concha
  • In different lengths of 80cm - 120cm in 5cm increments
  • Excellent quality, handmade in Europe

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