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Leather Biker Wallet Eagle Heads

- Biker Wallet Eagle Heads,Leather bike wallet with chain and coin compartment
- made from thick robust cowhide with a chain and carabiner hook.
- Interior structure: 1 zipped compartment for coins,
- 2 pockets for notes,
- 2 pockets for cards
- and strong buttons for good closing.
- size: 6"

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Biker Wallet Eagle Heads

All our biker wallets are made from thick robust cowhide and have a chain and carabiner hook.
The interior partition is well thought-out and offers plenty of space.
Eagle Heads Wallet features a zipped pocket for change, as well as two compartments for notes and two for cards.
The wallet is closed via durable buttons, which on this model are furnished with skull designs.
The security chain ensures that nothing gets lost when riding a bike and acts as a deterrent to potential pickpockets.

Size: 6"

  • Eagle Heads biker wallet made from thick cowhide
  • There's enough space for papers and credit cards, and it has an extra zipped compartment for coins.
  • The wallet has a security chain to attach to a belt loop with a carabiner
  • This wallets are developed by bikers for bikers
  • Fast and save delivery