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Alpha Industries RBF Beanie 198901 Remove Before Flight

- The dark red knitted beanie made of polyacrylic is very soft
- Since the fabric is double, it keeps the head warm too
- It has a appr.6 cm wide cover - an extra for forehead and ears
- Approximately in the middle is all around the lettering "Remove Before Flight" knitted on a 7 cm wide stripe
- The beanie fits almost every head - one size fits all

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Outer Fabric: 100% Polyacrylic
Care: Handwash only
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Alpha Industries RBF Beanie 198901

RBF means "Remove Before Flight" and is a slogan that keeps cropping up on Alpha because of Alpha Industries' association with the Air Force.

Of course, the Air Force pilots wear helmets while flying and if the pilot of ones holiday flier takes place in the cockpit with a beanie wouldn't one or the other trust his eyes and wonder what that guy probably took before the flight, right? So cap off and then it starts.

The beanie is made of 100% polyacrylic, extremely soft and keeps your head warm thanks to its double-layered fabric. This makes itself noticeable on the forehead because the fabric has been turned back about 7 cm.
Approximately in the middle of the dark red beanie is on a 7 cm wide strip in white on black ground "Remove Before Flight" knitted, on the bottom of the cover is a 5x3 cm large black patch with the Alpha logo and lettering sewn.

Fits almost every head
One size fits all

  • Double-layered acrylic keeps your head warm and very soft
  • The "Remove Before Flight" lettering goes completely around the head
  • A wide cover keeps the forehead and ears warm
  • Very pleasant material, excellent workmanship and a strong look
  • If you like the red beanie really well, wash it by hand

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