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Alpha Reversible Beanie bIack-olive

- A reversible hat of top quality for cold days, soft and warm
- One side is mainly black with “Alpha Industries” lettering running along the edge in olive colour.
- On the other side, the colors are reversed.
- The beanie is cosy warm and extremely light.
- With normal use an occasional hand wash should suffice

Item ID: 781

Outer Fabric: 100% Polyacryl
Care: Machine Washable
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Alpha Reversible Beanie bIack-olive

With this beanie you get the same design in reverse colors - depending on which side you wear to the outside.

One side is black with knittes olive "Alpha Industries"lettering at the bottom, which runs completely around, the other side shows it the other way round.
It’s made from extremely soft double acrylic for a wonderfully comfortable wear.

It’s generally sufficient to wash the hat out by hand, but it will also be fine at 30° in the washing machine. Acrylic dries incredibly fast and so your beanie will quickly be ready again to wear.

Now you just need to think about which of the two sides to go for. It’s best to just wear both at once ;-)

  • This Reversible Beanie black-olive is from soft double acrylic.
  • Both sides are printed for a quick change in look.
  • The black side makes its presence felt by the “Alpha Industries” lettering running around it.
  • On the other side the Alpha logo is unmissable, dominating half of the beanie’s surface.
  • We deliver almost anywhere quickly and securely.

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