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Alpha Industries ALS Helmet Bag 198905

- No, Alpha did not use the ALS-Liner here
- The optics reminds you immediately
- The helmet bag is big enough for a full face helmet
- It is very well padded and perfect for many uses
- Black on the outside and orange inside - the connection to the MA-1
- 2 nylon handles and a detachable shoulder strap give you the choice

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AS Helmet Bag 198905

The helmet bag from Alpha is great if you need to carry your helmet different than on your head or you can use it as a safe place to hibernate. Actually, it was made for the helmets of the jet fighter pilots - well - so completely alienated it is not - isn't there in every one of us every now and then a fighter pilot on two wheels, right?

Well, the bag is big enough to take on a ECE full-face helmet without it getting claustrophobic. It is well padded and quilted in the style of ALS lining jackets and is closed with a zipper.
Of course you can also take them for your sports or shopping.

Inside, in the orange lining, there are two larger pockets, for example for gloves or something. Outside in the two large pockets, which are equipped with push button and Velcro closure, there is also plenty of room.
You can wear it either with two nylon handles or with the removable adjustable shoulder strap.

The sturdy nylon is water repellent

  • The new helmet bag by Alpha is characterized by the ALS-style
  • Well padded and with extra large pockets for your belongings
  • Ideal for transportation or a safe place for winter storage
  • Weatherproof sturdy Flight Nylon with detachable shoulder strap
  • With zipper over the entire width and two carrying handles

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