Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Flight Cap 196917 with 3D-Logo

- Lightweight 6-Piece Nylon Baseball Cap
- Curved brim
- Rear Size Adjustment
- Large 3D Alpha Logo above the brim
- Ventilation in each panel
- Remove Before Flight prints inside
- One size with adjustment option

Item ID: 835

Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
Care: With a damp cloth or hand wash
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Alpha Industries Flight Cap

With baseball caps it's such a thing - the purist says you can only dress one anyway - the fan says, tomorrow I can put on another and the day after tomorrow again another and ...
Anyway, baseball caps are hip through all generations and can be found in almost every household.

The lightweight nylon Flight Cap by Alpha Industries is a classic 6-piece cap with vent hole in each panel and an embroidered three-dimensional logo, curved shield and plastic click closure for the size adjustment. Next to it is the small flag with the alpha logo placed.
The panel seams are covered inside with printed (Remove Before Flight) fabric ribbons.

One size with adjustment possibility

  • Black Six-Piece Alpha Industries Baseball Cap
  • Sublime big embroidered 3D Alpha logo
  • Silver eyelets in each panel provide ventilation
  • Curved shield and rear size adjustment
  • Remove Before Flight Pressure inside on the panel tapes

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