Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Starfighter Flight Jacket 166103

- New authentic Alpha Industries flight jacket
- Flight nylon outer material with nylon inner lining
- Lightweight windproof jacket with knitted collar, cuffs and waistband.
- 2 double outer pockets:
- 1 with buttoned flap closure, one with zip,
- removable multifunction pocket on the left sleeve,
- zipped pocket on the right sleeve
- 2 inner pockets,
- Alpha Patch on the left upper arm,
- fit corresponds to given size

Item ID: 690

Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
Lining: 100% Nylon
Care: Dry Cleaning
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Alpha Industries Starfighter Flight Jacket

Made from flight nylon and in a fine black shade. The only colour contrast comes from the Cordura tags on the zip, the sleeve patch, and some subtle steel grey stitching.
A comfortable and even fit is ensured by the strong yet extremely soft knitted cuffs at the sleeves, waist and band collar, as well as by the lycra inserts at the shoulder/sleeve junction.
The large black plastic zip can be closed to the very tip of the collar; this makes it unnecessary to wear a scarf to protect you against oncoming insects while biking.
The side pockets are doubled: on each side one has a flap and black button while another underneath it has a zip. These offer you plenty of storage space.

The cool pocket on the right sleeve will keep everything important securely at hand.
The multifunction pocket on the left sleeve is also new, but this time isn’t sewed on but rather is held in place by a shoulder flap and velcro around the upper arm ; it can be removed as the shoulder flaps are fastened with buttons.
There’s a velcro strip on the left sleeve to fasten the Alpha patch from the multi-pocket directly to the sleeve.

The lining is made from steel grey nylon with a slight sheen and includes two inner velcro pockets.
The regular fit corresponds to its stated size.

  • Alpha Industries Starfighter is the streetwear jacket of 2016.
  • The double side pockets offer plentiful space and can be closed.
  • The lycra strips between the shoulder and upper arm guarantee a comfortable wear.
  • Knit cuffs and the high-closing zip keep insects out.
  • Quick and reliable delivery