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Alpha Industries Hooded Puffer FD Rev. 198117 Reversible Jacket

- A winter reversible jacket that shows 2 totally different views
- The black buffer side attracts attention with the white prints
- The green side with the Mullti pocket changes   seemingly in other light into gray
- Cut and arrangement of the side pockets make the hearts beat faster in MA-1 fans
- The cut is slightly longer than the known MA-1
- The patent seams on the sleeves are almost identical to those of the MA-1
- The sizes are almost equal to those of the MA-1
- The padding is made of down imitation
- Regular Fit

Item ID: 869

Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
Lining: 100% Nylon
Quilting: Fake Down Filling
Care: Dry Cleaning
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Alpha Hooded Puffer FD Rev. 198117

After the summer is before the winter - who does not decide in time, freezes one's balls off..

This cute reversible jacket lives up to its name and sometimes you will not know which side you want to show - because both are really hot.

If you wear black on the outside, you have the white tape print with "Est.October 1959" in black on the shoulder, the white Cage Code on the bottom of the waistband and the stock no. on the right side of the hood.
On the left chest is the proof of origin with Tried. Tested. Proven. about 15 cm high and about 7 cm wide printed. The push buttons on the MA-1 side pockets are black with white Alpha Industries imprint. The black plastic zipper closes up to your chin and does not sag.
You do not have to freeze in the jacket either. All around 10 cm are cross seams set, which keep the down imitation wadding well distributed in the jacket.

The other side of the jacket made of Flight Nylon has quite different benefits. Depending on how the light falls on it looks green and sometimes gray. The cross seams are not visible here but instead you have the multi pocket with the RBF keyring on the left sleeve. The appearance is rounded off by a black waistband and black cuffs.

The connoisseur has certainly already seen that here was the MA-1 godfather. The Hooded Puffer is slightly longer than the MA-1 but has the same comfortable fit and the special sleeve seams. With her you can expect the hurricane very relaxed.

Comfortable Fit

  • The Alpha Hooded Puffer FD Rev. has almost the same cut as the MA-1
  • Hooded reversible jacket made of Flight Nylon with down imitation as padding for nylon lining
  • Both sides have the typical oblique MA-1 side pockets
  • The black side is already noticeable - the side in vintage green is for the discreet appearance
  • If you like short jackets but "like" freezes, it is the ideal companion in the cold season

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