Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Blood Chit Print Sweater 186302

- Black Camo classic cut sweatshirt
- With knitted cuffs on sleeves, neck and waistband
- pencil pocket on the left sleeve
- Blood Chit Print on the backSlim, slightly longer cut

Item ID: 793

Outer Fabric: 80% Cotton
20% Polyester

Care: Machine Washable
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Alpha Blood Chit Print Sweater

is a slightly thinner cotton jersey sweatshirt.
The cotton / polyester blend (80% / 20%) is not brushed on the inside, making it perfect for not real cold conditions.
Incidentally, the mixture ensures that the shirt does not shrink when washing.

The cut is a bit longer and slim. All seams are designed for long durability.
The Utility Pocket on the left upper arm is of course the same as the red band "Remove before Flight" on the neck, a clear identifier for Alpha Industries.

On the back of the shirt the "Blood Chit" is printed in several languages.
So, if for some reason you no longer know where or who you are, maybe a friendly person can help you ;-)

Slim Fit

  • Alpha Industries Blood Chit Print Sweatshirt in black camo
  • Sweater for the times between summer and cold winter
  • Multi-pocket with Alpha RBF keyring on the left upper arm
  • Perfect seams and strong knit cuffs - a very good mix
  • Fast secure shipping

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