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Alpha Industries T-Shirt Alpha FJT 196504

- This T-shirt is a tribute to the Alpha Industries Flight Jackets
- The historic Bomber Jacket is the MA-1 - Military Code MIL-J-8279
- Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Henry Fonda wore it
- And all US Presidents - Not everyone makes a good figure in it
- The time is right for an official homage to the cult jackets
- 100% Cotton and 100% Honor

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Outer Fabric: 100% Cotton
Care: Machine Washable
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Alpha Industries T-Shirt Alpha FJT 196504

The FJT (Flight Jackets T-Shirt) is a homage to the Alpha Industries bomber jackets.

Immersed Alpha fans know, of course, that the Flight Jackets, especially the MA-1 under the military code "MIL-J-8179" have already protected the fighter pilots from wind and weather at very bleak times.
Since 1959, the civilian production of clothing inspired by the Army took off, among other things, many celebrities, hippies and bikers also enjoyed the great clothes.
This t-shirt was designed to honor the legendary flight jacket and you have the honor to wear it.

Regular fit   

  • Skin-friendly Alpha FJT (Flight Jackets T-Shirt) made from 100% combed cotton
  • High quality large print on the front
  • This t-shirt is a tribute to the aviator jackets from Alpha Industries
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to very good material and workmanship
  • "MIL-J-8179" is the military code of the flight jacket MA-1

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