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Bandit 20 Years Anniversary open face helmet

- Bandit Helmets 2018 said thank you for having confidence in us for 20 years.
- To mark the occasion they’ve brought out a great little Jet Helmet with special edition varnish.
- Each helmet features premium faux leather edge protectors, skin-friendly inner lining
- comes equipped with a sunshade and a cotton bag with quick fasteners.
- If you have already worn a Bandit helmet then you will know your size.
- If you are not sure, just measure the circumference of your head from directly above your eyebrows

- If you want to save one for yourself, don't wait that long because the one or the other size is already sold out

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Bandit 20 Years Anniversary Jet Helmet

The time has come: the Jet Helmet to mark 20 years of Bandit Helmets is finally on the market.
It won’t only be the look that impresses but also the perfect fit and several extras, for example the fine cotton inner lining, the premium faux leather edge protector, and the Anniversary varnish.
The varnish in a delightful matt black combines brilliantly with the matt off-white lettering. The from Bandit Helmets  "sand" or "beige" color is more beautiful as described - it is a mixture from desert sand and a touch of olive - a very successful color.
And of course all Bandit Jet Helmet Visors are compatible with this latest version.

  • 20 years of Bandit Helmets - here’s the special edition helmet to mark the occasion
  • This motorbike helmet has been perfectly crafted.
  • Its low weight and anniversary varnish are themselves reason enough to buy.
  • Delivered with a sunshade and protective cotton cover in official Bandit packaging.
  • Quick and reliable delivery