Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Mens RBF Pilot Jacket Slim Fit Flight Nylon pockets black blue 198123

- For those who consider the classic MA-1 as "wasting fabric"
- The cut is tight, body-accented and from the proven Flight Nylon
- It is windproof, water-repellent, lightweight and keeps the body heat
- 2 large chest pockets with zipper secure important
- 2 slanted outer pockets keep in doubt only your hands warm
- 2 large inner pockets with push button still offer alternatives
- The zipper on the wide protective strip includes incl. Collar < br> - Slim Fit

Outer Fabric:
100% Nylon

100% Nylon
100% Polyester
Dry Cleaning

Item ID: 870

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Alpha Industries RBF Jacket 198123

RBF - Remove Before Flight - This is true for anything that should not fly away. No matter if it concerns any covers on the plane or not secured things that suddenly fly through the cockpit while flying.

For the one who is behind you does not forget that, it is big and fat on the back of your new jacket.

The RBF Jacket is a pilot jacket but cut from the point of view, for example, not at all comparable to the MA-1 or the CWU-45.
It has a slim and body-accentuating cut. The zipper closes the 9cm high knit collar. The outer skin made of Flight Nylon, the nylon lining and the fixed padding made of 100% polyester makes this flight jacket with very low weight for excellent protection against cold and wind.

And if you've collected everything that could fly away, you can store it in the 4 outer and 2 inside pockets.
On the left sleeve you will find the Utility Pocket immediately and the right upper arm adorns the high-quality embroidered patch of the "United States Air Force - 13th Fighter Squadron" with the tiger head and the number 13 in the center.

Slim Fit

  • Outside 100% nylon - lining 100% nylon with 100% polyester filling
  • Very effective protection against cold, wind and wet
  • At chest height 2 large pockets with zip and 2 diagonal pockets on the sides
  • High-closing (including collar) metal zipper on wide windbreak strip
  • 2 large chest pockets inside with snaps for your most important

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