Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries 3D Leather Belt 196929

- Cowhide belt without seams
- Ca. 3.5cm wide and 4mm thick
- Rear with Alpha Industries lettering in 3D design
- Various lengths available
- Dimensions are inclusive buckle to the middle hole

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Alpha Industries 3D Leather Belt

is a solid, about 4mm thick and 3.5cm wide cowhide belt without seams with firmly sewn stable metal buckle and a leather loop.

At the back it is finished with the lettering "ALPHA INDUSTRIES" in 3D design (sublime).

The leather belt fits perfectly with cargo pants and jeans. The specified lengths are the dimensions up to the middle hole.

  • Belt made of 4mm thick cowhide
  • Plain leather belt without seams
  • With solid metal buckle and leather loop
  • Sublime Alpha Industries logo on the back
  • Different lengths available