Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries MA-1 TT Hood Patch 196109 Air Crew

- 60 years of Alpha Industries
- The look is reminiscent of the wild 60s
- Color-contrasting narrow stripes on the knit cuffs
- Rebel patch, dice, poker cards, skull and eagle
- Printed hood made of double fabric, removable
- Flight nylon with nylon lining
- Fits almost normal - a little slender cut
- slim fit

Item ID: 838

Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
Lining: 100% Nylon
Care: Dry Cleaning
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Alpha Industries MA-1 TT Hood Patch

The jacket is reminiscent of the 60s with its outfit - many patches and the color of the hood matching narrow light stripes on all knit cuffs.
It is lightweight, completely nylon and with the detachable hood perfect for any time outside of winter.

Of course, you'll find all the pockets right where you expect them to be on an Alpha jacket. The side pockets on the outside are MA-1-like slanted and have printed black poppers, the Utility Pocket is on the left upper arm and inside you have 2 large chest pockets with velcro closure.

The smooth running metal zipper underneath has a wide storm flap and turns your new MA-1 into a windbreaker. The Alpha Industries Military lettering on the hood is unmistakable.

All patches are embroidered very high quality, do not have the same theme but fit together perfectly. The stripes on the right side of the chest are Velcro pads gummed with AIR CREW and the Alpha logo.

The MA-1 TT Hood Patch is almost normal. However, if you prefer a loose fit you should take it one size bigger.

Slim fit

  • No coincidence! The look is reminiscent of the (19) 60s - to mark the 60th birthday of Alpha
  • The design is up-to-date, the hood can be zipped and fastened
  • The MA-1 TT Hood Patch is for all seasons except winter
  • Multi Pocket with "Remove Before Flight" key fob
  • Black push buttons with white Alpha Industries lettering on the outer pockets