Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Mens N3B Airborne Nylon Hooded Winter Jacket black dark-olive 188141

The N3B Airborne is the more civilian version of the N3B from the military
Hip-length nylon jacket with a very good winter lining
Ideal for anyone who likes to be out in winter
Christmas market, ski resort or holiday in the eternal ice - it keeps you warm
Padded hood and sleeves with strong knit cuffs
Waist adjustable, large outer pockets, removable fake fur trim
Plastic zipper - can not freeze - with wide windbreak strip
Fits normal size - Regular fit

Outer Fabric:
100% Nylon

100% Nylon
100% Polyester
94% Cotton
6% Modacrylic

Dry Cleaning

Item ID: 828

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Alpha Industries N3B Airborne 188141

Finally, the military polar jacket N3B is ennobled with a more civilized version.
The cut is not in the oversize (Core Fit) but corresponds to the European standard size (Regular Fit).

Visually, the connoisseur immediately sees the relationship with the N3B. The jacket reaches a good distance over the hips and can keep your body temperature stable even in really cold and bad weather.
Also very helpful are the lined inner sleeves with strong cuffs on the wrists, the padded hood and the wide, fixable cover strip over the 2-way plastic zipper. The sleeves are reinforced at the height of the elbows, at waist height, the width can be individually regulated.
The big, slanted chest pockets and the two straight hip pockets with flaps give you plenty of space for important things or make you - whether you have your hands in the hip pockets or very cool in the large chest pockets - always new to an eye-catcher.
The N3B Airborne makes a very good impression visually and is interesting with some Air Force patches and printed Cage codes from all sides.

However, the diehard N3B fan has to cut back on the hood.
It can not be closed on the more civil issue N3b Airborne up to a small peephole.

But that can also be an advantage if you come with the hood on your head in the gas station - the operation will probably not immediately press the red button or bring something up from under the counter ...

Very good fit - regular fit

  • The N3B Airborne fits normal in size
  • It is fully lined including sleeves and hood
  • The hip-length jacket protects very effectively against cold and wet
  • The fake fur trim can be quickly unbuttoned
  • The fit is optimal and comfortable