Bandit - Integral - New Original Motorcycle Helmet - Full Face - Fibreglass Shell

For bikers with so-called “neo-classics”, the vintage bikes from the 70s when the first 4-cyclinder and dangerously high-volume two-stroke engines gave motorbikes an image quite apart from that of motorised bicycles, we have an early birthday treat:
The INTEGRAL, a made-over version of the standard helmet from back then,
true to the original down to the fine details,
now with a robust fibreglass shell and brand new for an authentic stylish tour.
In white with black rally stripes
If you have already worn a Bandit helmet then you will know your size. If you are not sure, just measure the circumference of your head from directly above your eyebrows

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Integral helmet by Bandit Helmets

Every so often you come across glorious little four-cylinder bikes with ramschackle bodywork or even the death-defying H2 rockets from the 70s.
Back then wearing a helmet was more of an option than law, but anyone who hit the track full throttle and needed the entire road to catch their balance soon caught on that it was a clever choice.
There wasn’t a great range on the market and the full face helmet was the only one that looked half admissible.
For those of you who want to relive those youthful moments on the road or simply want to look great with a real vintage bike, this retro helmet with a fibreglass shell from Bandit is the logical choice.
It looks like a relic of the past (even the visor makes that unmistakable noise when riding) but beneath the surface this helmet boasts all the technical developments of the 21st century.

  • The retro helmet by Bandit Helmets with safety fibreglass shell
  • The perfect helmet for taking your vintage bike out for a ride
  • Minimal weight and all the technical developments of the 21st century for comfort and the ride of your life
  • Clear visor included, tinted visor also available from the manufacturer
  • Fast delivery
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