Bandit Helmets

Bandit Mini ECE Jet Helmet - ECE 22-05 Certified Motorcycle Helmet

- Small-looking open face helmet according to the European ECE 22-05 standard in awesome designs
- What bike ever you will ride, these stunning helmets are perfect and and look great on all kind of bikesfor .
- Built in three different new outer shell sizes,
- weighing in at just 750 - 950g!
- Each helmet comes fully-equipped with a sun peak and in a cotton bag with quick fasteners.
- Anyone planning a trip to European countries cursed with ECE regulations can ride on without worrying about bumping into cops.

- You don't know your size - just measure the circumference of your head from directly above your eyebrows to find it out
-A good Tip:
- The ECE jet helmets are stiffer than those without ECE. It is better to buy it one size larger than you measured

Item ID: 501

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ECE-certified jet helmet by Bandit Helmets

After a year of testing, Bandit Helmets made some changes in winter and greatly improved the fit and comfort of this helmet.
Now it can live up to its name - this jet helmet has the smallest appearance of any ECE 22-05 compliant helmet.
The three different outer shell sizes are the same - but now the helmet rests markedly lower, making the "conehead" effect a thing of the past.
The weight is incredibly low - depending on the size, between 750 and 770 grammes!
These ECE jet helmets are a delight to wear - and don't be surprised if the policeman that pulls you over for inspection does a double-take that your helmet passes all the tests!

Not sure which size is the right one for you? Please measure the size of your head by laying the measuring tape on your forehead directly above your eyebrows.

  • Thanks to the fibreglass shell, this helmet is so light you will barely feel it
  • This ECE standard compliant helmet provides you with optimum protection while still looking cool.
  • The helmet is suitable for men, women and children
  • Excellent fit and click-fastening ensure top comfort
  • See our accessories for other visors to attach or click on

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