Buffalo Engineer Boots with Steeltoe

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Buffalo Engineer Boots Steeltoe handmade boots genuine cow leather oil resistant

Buffalo Engineer Boots with a steel toecap and oil resistant sole.
THE cult boots par excellence
Solid heel and sewn soles go without saying.
Handmade in Mexico.

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Buffalo - Engineer Boots

Buffalo’s Engineer Boots are timeless and unbeatable.
They are THE cult boots par excellence, for over four decades now they have been the benchmark so many try to live up to and fail.
Just how many trends have these boots outlived? In fact, “outlive” isn’t quite the right word for it...
more like invincible.
Now as ever they are still many bikers’ favourite boots, the “functional” cool boot with a steel toecap and oil resistant sole, simply indestructible.
Available in smooth black leather or in thick brown nubuck leather, the ubiquitous full-grain leather heel and sewn sole are of course also present.
They are handmade in Mexico.

  • Buffalo Engineer Boots have been the benchmark for this type of footwear for over 40 years
  • They are hand sewn, austere without an inner lining and with a steel toecap
  • Available in smooth black cow’s leather or in oiled nubuck leather
  • The oil resistant sole is sewn to the outer leather
  • We ship quickly and securely via DPD express delivery
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