Original Magnum Viper Pro 3.0 Hi-Tec Security Shoes M800643/021

Durable cowhide leather with nylon inserts
- With padded collar and tongue for comfort
- The inner lining diverts moisture away
- Replaceable pre-formed sole inserts
- EVA midsole
- Cushioned heels
- Non-slip outer sole from carbon fibre and rubber

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Magnum Viper Pro 3.0

Magnum’s new lightweight low shoes are made from robust but soft cowhide leather with nylon insoles.
The foam collar and tongue are both padded for exquisite comfort.
The shoelace eyelets aren’t made from metal and so they do not rust or cause a reaction from metal scanners (e.g. at airports).

Durable leather with an inner lining that diverts moisture away and removable pre-formed insoles; both the EVA midsole
and M-PACT air-cushioned heels ensure your feet will be completely at ease.
The oil-resistant non-slip sole is made from carbon fibre and rubber and ensures you’ll always have a good grip.
EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRA

Part of the proceeds from every pair of Magnum boots sold goes towards equipping gamekeepers in Africa with sturdy footwear. This is to help them stop the criminal actions of poachers.

  • Robust leather with nylon inserts and eyelets without metal
  • With removable insoles, EVA midsoles and M-PACT air-cushions.
  • The carbon fibre and rubber outer sole is non-slip and oil-resistant
  • With padded collar and inner lining that diverts away moisture
  • Quick and reliable delivery