Bandit Helmets

Bandit Helmets Motorcycle Helmet Premium Carbon appr. 650grams sewn leather edge protection

- The question was not whether the real carbon jet comes as a premium version - but when
- Now it is at the start with very light approx. 650 grams
- Skin-friendly cotton lining suitable for allergy sufferers
- Removable very soft cheek pads
- Padded chin strap, click fastener, glasses loop
- Coarsely woven carbon shell painted with clear varnish for 3-D effect
- Without ECE homologation

Item ID: 890

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Bandit Helmets Carbon Premium Open Face Helmet

The Premium open face helmet series from Bandit has established itself very well on the market and is getting stronger and stronger, a good reason to provide the Carbon Jethelmet in Premium Standard for you.

The main reasons for this are the very good workmanship of high quality materials and the optically very small construction.

This starts on the outside with the very hard-wearing REAL CARBON helmet shell, continues with a sophisticated styrofoam interior and ends in allergy-free, skin-friendly inner lining with removable cheek pads.
The continuously adjustable chin strap with click fastener ensures a secure fit. 
The outer edge of the Premium Jet Helmet is covered with a sewn-on genuine leather piping, at the back of the helmet there is a loop with snap fastener to secure the motorcycle goggles and the whole thing weighs only approx. 650 grams.

To our friends in UK, just want to make sure that this item passes customs and may cost some fee because of the brexit. 

  • Very light jet helmet made of REAL carbon with 3D paint effect
  • Makes a good impression on the scooter and motorcycle, no ECE homologation
  • Skin-friendly allergy sufferers suitable high-quality cotton lining
  • Edge protection made of genuine leather, glasses loop, chin strap with quick release fastener
  • Not much heavier than a cap - ready for use with approx. 650 grams

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