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Bandit - Snell SA2005 - New Original Visor - Clear, Tinted, Smoke Mirrored

Original Visors for Snell SA 2005 Nomex

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Replacement visor for Bandit Snell SA2005 Nomex

The pictures show simply the available tints for Bandit’s Snell SA Nomex.
The form shown is not necessarily the one which will fit the helmet - but don’t worry, we will of course send you the right fit.

  • Visors by Bandit Helmets for the Snell SA Nomex auto racing helmet
  • The images show simply the available tints for the visors - not necessarily the right size
  • Never fear, we will only send visors which fit the helmets as seen in the pictures.
  • Streetfighter visors from the helmet manufacturer
  • Fast delivery