GLS-Leather Oil based on Bee's Wax 500ml bottle

- Based on bee's wax ideal care water repellent pleasant smell new
- Efective Leather Care for all kinds of smooth leather
-ideal for motorcycle clothes, gloves, leather seats, workwear
- cares and proofs
- 500ml bottle

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Care: Content 500ml
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GLS-Leather Oil based on Bee's Wax

This oil is the optimum liquid care product for all kinds of smooth leather, such as
motorcycling clothes, leather motorcycle seats, leather car seats, leather seating furnitures, saddlery and workwear.

It quickly absorbed into leather, making it soft and smooth - nourishes, cares and proofs.

  • GLS Leather Oil is optimum care for all kinds of smooth leathers
  • It makes your leather water repellant, smooth and soft
  • Natural oils and bee's wax makes your leather smelling pleasant
  • Don't let leather become total dry before using the oil
  • 500ml bottle with screw cap

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