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Alpha Industries Big A Belt 3,5cm 176907

- The belt also fits in small loops
- is also well suited to women’s trousers and skirts
- can easily be brought to the correct length
- the flap buckle is made from metal and has an embossed Alpha logo with lettering as decoration

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Alpha Industries Big A Belt 3.5cm

Good news for all Alpha fans.
The 3.5cm wide belt even passes through the belt loops of the Tough Pants and many Alpha shorts.

Besides, the belt width also fits well into women’s trousers and skirts
The Cordura belt is approx. 132cm long and can be shortened as needed at the buckle (flap buckle).

- After cutting the belt it is important to hold a lighter to the end of the belt for a short time to prevent fraying.-

The buckle is adorned with embossed and blackened Alpha logo and lettering.

  • Endless Alpha Industries Cordura Belt with Metal Buckle
  • 3.5cm wide, approx. 132cm long and can be shortened as needed
  • Also fits women’s trousers and skirts
  • With the flap buckle, the length is also perfectly adjustable
  • Fast and secure delivery