Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Buckle Belt 176908

- Stress-resistant belt made from Cordura
- Adjustable from 70cm to 133cm
- From the cockpit to your trousers - combining slick fashion with military
- The buckle can easily be opened with the thumbs
- The Alpha logo is embossed on the upper part of the buckle

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Alpha Industries Buckle Belt

It’s good that Alpha Industries always comes up with new ways to intertwine military history with fashion.

This time, it’s the tearproof Cordura belt with a buckle straight from an aeroplane seat belt.
The belt is 4cm wide and fully adjustable from 70cm up to 133cm!

The buckle works just like in the aircraft - to close it, insert the metal end into the buckle and to open, lift the buckle cover.
The buckle is subtly adorned with an embossed Alpha logo.

  • The belt - with the buckle of an aircraft seatbelt - holds together superbly
  • Fits waist diameters of 70cm up to 133cm
  • Tearproof belt - somewhat more supple than military equipment
  • Can easily be opened with the thumbs
  • Fast and secure delivery