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Alpha Industries VLC Base Cap 168903

- Cotton streetwear baseball cap with fully-adjustable velcro-strap
- Classic six-panel cut with curved brim
- With padded sweatband for comfortable wear
- 100% cotton
- Excellent fit

Item ID: 710

Outer Fabric: 100% Cotton
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Alpha Industries VLC Baseball Cap

Everyone knows that Alpha makes great baseball caps; this means they have to keep coming up with new designs.
This baseball cap from Alpha is a six-part classic with curved brim.
All six panels feature an air vent and subtle contrast stitching. The panels meet in the middle and are fastened by a button with fabric.
The size can be fully adjusted by a small velcro-strap on the reverse. The interior has a padded, stitched down sweatband that ensures a most comfortable wear.
To ensure there’s absolutely no doubt where this cap comes from, the front features Alpha lettering and the back has a small Alpha logo on the rim.
Brand new on the market and already a firm favourite in many walks of life.

  • Alpha Industries VLC Cap in black and repl. blue
  • 100% cotton with a sewed-on padded sweatband
  • Great fit due to the fully-adjustable velcro fastener
  • In a high-quality six-panel cut with straight brim
  • Fast and save delivery

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