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Alpha Industries 59-19 Hoody 198316

- 1959 to 2019 = 60 years of Alpha Industries
- The elaborate embroidery was done with colorfast, tear-resistant yarns
- There are no fading or disintegration
- The year's numbers are printed next to the Anniversary Knoxville Tennessee emblem
- Plant Index No. and Cage Code have been part of it for a long time
- This also applies to the Multi-Pocket and the red RBF necktape
- 80% cotton and 20% polyester prevent shrinkage in the washing machine

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Alpha Industries 59-19 Hoody

This brushed cotton hoody with the elaborate embroidery on the company's 60th anniversary may still be too warm at the moment, but the snow is already in the wings.
Thanks to the "Molton Brush" process, even the smallest fibers of cotton are raised, forming a cuddly soft and warm feel-good oasis.

Anyone who already has Alpha Hoodies in his wardrobe knows this great quality - for the others it's time to get used to it. Words can describe it to you but on the skin you have to feel it yourself.

The hood is sewn of double fabric and can be adjusted with the approx. 1cm wide woven ribbon - with printed metal end pieces - in the drawstring at your whim. All heavy-duty seams have an additional safety seam. For little things you have a utility pocket on the left upper arm. On a kangaroo pocket was waived but the red "Remove Before Flight" key fob must not be missing.

Regular fit

  • 1959 - 2019 - Alpha Industries turns 60 in the fall
  • 80% cotton and 20% polyester prevent shrinking of the hoodie
  • Elaborately embroidered front with discreet dates
  • Multipocket, double hood, red RBF necktape
  • Safety seams on all heavily used areas

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