Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Basic T Small Logo 188505

- Printed Small Logo with Lettering on left Chest
- Lightweight Summer T-Shirt
- Very comfortable feeling
- Different colors available
- size is normal

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Alpha Industries Basic T Small Logo 188505

The fact that the Alpha lettering does not always have to be bold on the fabric shows the discreetly beautiful Basic T Small logo.

The small chest print on the left side of the chest with logo and lettering exudes its effect. Instead of an annoying scratching size plate you get here name, address and size as imprint inside the neck area - even the small patch on the sleeve and everything is said.

Comfortable and very comfortable then but the wearing comfort. The soft-combed cotton spreads absolute well-being. The T-Shirt is available in different colors and is normally big.

Regular fit

  • Alpha Industries T-Shirt made from 100% cotton
  • You can hardly feel the shirt on the skin
  • With subtle small chest print on the left
  • The shirt is normal
  • Fast secure shipping

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