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Bandit Bubble Visor - Full-Face Visor For Jet Helmets

- Thanks to the three snap fasteners (no dual action snaps) these full-face visors are suitable for almost all jet helmets with the according receptors to the front of the helmet shell
- Mix and match or choose a visor colour to suit your helmet in clear, yellow or tinted
- Please note:
- These visors do not fit the Bandit Sky II

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Bubble full-face visor for jet helmets by Bandit Helmets

These full-face visors for jet helmets fit all jet helmets that have three snap fastener receptors at the front of the helmet shell.
These visors take the stress out of riding in the rain.
Snaps are no dual action snaps.

  • This great rain protector can be simply clicked onto your helmet
  • Your helmet plus bubble visor will provide you with the best protection when hitting the road in colder or wetter climates
  • The helmet is suitable for ladies or men and the visors available in transparent, yellow or tinted
  • Excellent fit and click-fastening ensure top comfort
  • See our accessories for other visors to attach or click on

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