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Bandit Helmets Sun Peak - sunshade for jet helmets

- The small sun peak you can always have on the man
- It is mounted or dismantled in seconds
- Bandit Sun Peak donates the shadow directly above the eyes
- It is also great for crosshelmets with the button shots suitable
- Currently there are 2 versions available: black or chrome plated

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Bandit Helmets Sun Peak - sunshade for jet helmets

Bandit Helmets Sun Peaks are expanding their scope. In this century-summer, it is really no wonder.

Most of us motorcyclists love the sun - no question, but

- if you have to keep your eyes closed to slit to give the necessary respect to the next red light, or just dodge the suddenly blaring brake lights of the car in front, a little bit of shadow over your eyes is really helpful.

To make it short, that's exactly why we have included the small shadow donors in our offer. You have the choice between black plastic or chrome. The peaks do not only fit on all open face helmets, which have the three push-button lower parts in the forehead area but are also used, for example the Bandit Historic MX cross helmet and some other brands.

  • The Bandit sunshade with adjustable snaps fits almost every open face helmet
  • Even the Bandit Historic MX makes a really good figure with it
  • Ince the shield is small, you can always make it disappear into the leg pocket
  • The shield donates the shadow directly over the eyes
  • Nevertheless, you have a relatively clear view upwards

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