Bandit Helmets

Bandit Motorcycle Glasses Goggles brown

- Soft and snug upholstery
- center joint for the eyewear tape collection
- Various glass tints - all with UV blocker
- Eyeglass lenses are CE approved and shatterproof
- Goggles fit on open face helmets, full face helmets and cross helmets

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Bandit Motorcycle Goggles brown

With the new Goggles motorcycle goggles, you can safely protect your eyes in a variety of activities - and completely without turbulence, like in some visors in certain seating positions.

The upholstery with high-quality smooth synthetic leather is good, lateral slots on the socket ensure that the glasses do not mist.
The glasses have a joint between the glasses to hold the frames for the strap so that the glasses fit snugly and the strap is guided around the helmet WITHOUT the sides to lift the glasses from the face.
Goggles are ideal for your action - whether it's the open face helmet on the road or the cross helmet in motocross, trial sport, on the quad and it's also comfortable.
Of course, goggles also make a lot of sense on the mountain bike or in the downhill race.

  • Bandit motorcycle glasses in five different tints
  • Soft padded goggles with adjustable elastic band
  • Shatterproof glasses, CE approved and with UV protection
  • No air turbulence between eyes and glasses
  • Fast secure shipping

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