Bandit Helmets

Visor Mounting Repair Kit for Bandit Alien II and Fighter

- Just like for the XXR, Crystal and Super Street helmets from Bandit, there are also visor mounting repair kits for the Alien II, Fighter and EXX helmets.

- the set contains:
- 2 black anodised screws
- 2 original plastic discs
- Locking mechanisms for left and right

- All parts are original and come direct from the manufacturer and so fit perfectly

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Visor Mounting Kit for Bandit Helmets Alien II, Fighter, EXX

Even if you work with care, the wear on the difficult parts of the visor mounting cannot be avoided.
If your visor no longer moves smoothly or doesn’t properly lock in place, it’s about time for a replacement.

Just like the Bandit helmets, with their slender viewing windows, the new replacement parts, direct from the manufacturer, can be bought for a slim price.
Included in this repair kit are 2 black anodised screws, 2 new plastic discs and the locking mechanism for left and right.


Watch the video on how to change the visor before attempting to do so. Although it’s actually for the XXR, the information is also relevant to these helmets.


  • Complete visor mounting repair kit for a small cost
  • Fits Bandit Alien II, Fighter and EXX helmets
  • Repair your helmet and keep yourself from needing repairs
  • Original Replacement parts from the helmet manufacturer
  • Quick and secure delivery