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Alpha Industries Cap VLC II 178905

- Cotton streetwear baseball cap with fully-adjustable velcro-strap
- Classic six-panel cut with curved brim
- With padded sweatband for comfortable wear
100% cotton
- Excellent fit

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Alpha Industries Cap VLC II

Alpha's VLC II Baseball Cap adds new designs to the palette.
Like the Velcro Cap or the VLC Cap, this baseball cap is a 6-piece classic with a curved brim.
All six panels feature an air vent and subtle contrast stitching. The panels meet in the middle and are fastened by a button with fabric.
The size can be fully adjusted by a small velcro-strap on the reverse. The interior has a padded, stitched down sweatband that ensures a most comfortable wear.
To ensure there’s absolutely no doubt where this cap comes from, the front features Alpha lettering and the back has a small Alpha logo on the rim.
Variety in the wardrobe is never wrong ...

To our friends in UK, just want to make sure that this item passes customs and may cost some fee because of the brexit. 

  • Alpha Industries Cap VLC II in several colour combinations
  • 100% cotton with a sewed-on padded sweatband
  • Great fit due to the fully-adjustable velcro fastener
  • In a high-quality six-panel cut with straight brim
  • Fast secure delivery

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