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Visor Mounting Repair Kit for XXR Super Street II and Crystal

- Visor mounting kit for Bandit Streetfighter Helmets: XXR, Crystal and Super Street II
- black, made from plastic, consisting of: 2 black anodised screws, plastic discs and locking mechanism for the left side and plastic cam for the right side.

- or silver-coloured, made from aluminium, the corresponding aluminium discs and the locking mechanism
- Both sets are original and made by the manufacturer of the helmets

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Visor mounting kit for Bandit Helmets XXR, Crystal and Super Street II

The more often the visor is replaced, the more the small parts that should allow the visor to work at 100% suffer - this is unfortunately just the way things are.
With care and a steady hand, you can indeed keep it going for longer, but at some point, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, it’ll be time to replace the parts.

You really are spoilt for choice for the following Bandit models: XXR, Crystal and Super Street II

1. There’s the original set that is installed as standard; consisting of two black anodised screws, the plastic disc for the left-side visor bracket and the locking mechanism that goes underneath. For the right-hand side, the plastic cam which brings the visor into the correct position is also included.

2. There’s the option with the screws and both discs made from aluminium, with the plastic locking mechanism also included. The deciding factor for the aluminium parts is, of course, the durability, and if you don’t like them in silver, they can simply be painted.
Together with the silver mirrored visor, this option really offers an aesthetic bonus.

3. Watch the video before changing the visor - better safe than sorry ;-)


  • Repair kits for visor mounting made from plastic or aluminium
  • For Bandit XXR, Crystal and Super Street II
  • Replace the visor mounting screws before you give up completely
  • Original Replacement parts from the helmet manufacturer
  • Quick and secure delivery

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