Alpha Industries


Deep in the American South, in the town of Knoxville, Tennessee, Alan Cirker founded Alpha Industries in 1959. He started by designing jackets for US Air Force pilots, and the company is since remained the largest supplier of Air Force pilot jackets. They are made of a special nylon material, the exceptionally smooth surface and minimal friction of which make it quite extraordinary. This permits pilots to enter the cockpit quickly and easily and bail out rapidly in an emergency.
The jackets’ unique fit is the result of a complex process that Alpha Industries uses to produce its famous pleated seams.
These classic pilot jackets became a hit even with Hollywood stars at the dawn of the 80s. This look caught on, the jackets quickly becoming must-haves for fashion lovers around the world.
Alpha Industries have remained true to both their motto, ‘Tried, Tested, Proven’ and to their own history and heritage – they have not only stuck to authentic materials to manufacture their products, but have also continuously developed and re-invented the modern military look. What’s more, these fashion pioneers have lived up to and exceeded the expectations of their international customer base by designing casual clothing that takes a cue from the brand’s military roots, a customer favourite thanks to its authenticity, design and quality.