Accessories or ‘Accessoires’

However you pronounce it, everyone will know what you mean. You may think these nice little add-ons aren’t essential, but if you do without them, you’ll eventually notice that something’s missing.

We have an exclusive selection of accessories, such as biker wallets in an range of designs, wallet chains, high quality lined leather belts, gloves made from leather or neoprene, choice beanies and caps and a wide range of patches in various sizes – all of enviable quality.

Biker Wallets and Wallet Chains

A sturdy wallet that’s theft-proof but still looks great is every biker’s dream.
Any biker who thinks they can do without comes to regret their decision after filling the tank and having to explain to the cashier that their hard-earned cash has vanished.
You’ll also find alternatives to standard wallet chains in our shop.

Leather/Cordura Belts

There’s nothing like a sturdy belt to keep you secure and looking sharp. Super strong leather belts are available from SENDRA and NEW ROCK.
These bootmakers are well up to the task, skilfully transforming their favourite material into practical and handsome leather belts.
Both manufacturers have top quality, long-lasting products that will soon win your affections.

ALPHA INDUSTRIES is specialised more in durable and battle-tested belts made of Cordura.
Their leather belts have already made major breakthroughs despite still being in the testing phase.

Leather/Neoprene Gloves

It’s not just technicians that go for Alpha’s bold neoprene MECHANIC’S GLOVES – their versatility makes them just as well suited for hitting the road.

Motorbiking is already a thrill in itself, but leather gloves make it perfect, especially ones made of extremely soft deerhide that don’t just look great but can also take a real beating – available with or without lining.
Or how about mixing things up with a pair of super light Australian gloves made of kangaroo leather or lamb nappa gloves?

Neoprene Face Masks

Neoprene face masks are the rage more and more these days. These days the manufacturing process of our masks has advanced so far that they not only look great but also have a wide variety of practical functions.


For decades, patches in various sizes and designs have been an integral part of the biker philosophy.
As needs no explanation, the first patches originated from the country where motorcycle clubs got their start.
Our patches are, without exception, top-quality licensed products.

Baseball Caps, Beanies, Vest Chains

We have an outstanding selection of baseball caps and beanies from Alpha Industries in the USA and baseball caps made of kangaroo leather direct from Australia.
Our vest chains can be attached to existing buttons without any difficulties – now you can broaden that vest that shrank in the depths of your wardrobe or is too tight to fit over your coat.

Alpha Industries Bags

Bags by Alpha Industries are tried and tested and have been adapted for civilian use.
Hardwearing material – canvas or water-resistant Oxford nylon – makes for a perfect all round bag. Several small inner pockets, many with zips, and an adjustable shoulder strap will see to all your needs.