Face Masks and Gloves

Masks and Gloves

Leather/Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene MECHANIC GLOVES were originally designed to provide finger protection when installing screws. They fit tightly and let you work safely and without problems.
Their terrific flexibility and comfort, combined with a touch of water resistance, make them perfect for hitting the road. It goes without saying that their great designs are star of the show.

Leather gloves have been perfect for motorcycle riding since motorcycles were invented. Although they used to be made of rigid material that had to be worn in, leather gloves made today are less demanding and highly durable.
For example, with us you’ll find gloves made of silky soft American deerskin that don’t just look great but also can withstand a lot of abuse – for those who can’t get enough leather on their skin, they’re also available without linings.
If deerskin is too thick or warm for you, why not try our extra light Australian gloves made of kangaroo leather or gloves made of lamb nappa?

Neoprene Face Masks

Our FACE MASKS have been praised for their exceptional level of comfort. The velcro fastening lets you adjust them to the size that’s right for you, matching your head size and shape.
Mouth and nose openings ensure that your goggles won’t steam up while preventing water from reaching your skin. We test our masks continuously to ensure that they are 100% odour-free. Their exceptional designs make them real eyecatchers.
Whether you just want a mask for the fun of it or are regularly on the road in all weathers, our masks with an open face helmet and will keep you dry and warm.