Jet Helmets

Open Face Jet Helmets by Bandit Helmets

Not all open face helmets are created equally.
German brand Bandit Helmets designs open face helmets for motorcyclists that are both extremely hardwearing and feature one-of-a-kind design.
All of Bandit’s helmets undergo a rigorous manufacturing process and are made primarily of GFK fibreglass. This makes them virtually indestructible and infinitely durable, also permitting you to customise them.
The inner lining of Bandit’s helmets is made of a very comfortable, high-quality cotton fabric that is gentle on your skin.

These very compact open face helmets, which are not ECE certified, fit snugly around the head and block out an amazing amount of noise while biking, despite their small size. Their fit couldn’t be better and won’t ‘float’ on your head, even if you’re doing some serious riding.
In addition to single-colour matt and glossy black helmets, four other models are available with a star on the sides, known from classic racing paint jobs, such as the 777 Jet and, of course, a genuine carbon model that weighs just over a pound (500g).
When riding in certain European countries, it may be advisable to choose an ECE certified open face helmet.

Bandit’s ECE 22-05 homologated jet helmets by Bandit Helmets may be somewhat larger than their non-ECE brothers, but are still smaller and lighter than other ECE jet helmets.
To keep things compact, Bandit's idea was to use several helmet shell sizes for their ECE open face helmets – bikers with small heads will have a definite advantage.
Bandit’s ECE 22-05 certified open face jet helmets are still considered small – and you won’t wind up suffering from the dreaded cone head effect. Here, too, various designs are available and the helmets can be painted or touched up with an airbrush.