Full Face Helmets

Germany’s Bandit Helmets is a cult brand that has enjoyed success around the world.

Drivers of so-called Streetfighter motorcycles will love the bold designs of models such as the XXR.
Fitting snugly around the head, these helmets have a small visor which still provides a wide field of view, a lining which is gentle on your skin and tested minimal wind resistance – a lot for other helmets to live up to.
The XXR is available in three monochrome paint jobs and two racing paint jobs, on both the GFK fibreglass shell and as a super-lightweight genuine carbon helmet.
The contoured 3mm thick visors are available from the manufacturer in different designs and fit XXR, Crystal and Super Street II models. All three helmet models are equipped with a shaded visor.

The Super Street II has the same visor as the XXR and a more angular chin protector... as well as a bigger dose of attitude. It is available in black matt and genuine carbon. Moreover, this is Bandit’s most economical Streetfighter helmet.

Bandit Helmets responded to demand for a longer chin section by unveiling their spectacular Crystal model. The Crystal offers both a longer chin protector and more nose space.
The XXR helmet shell was used here as the model, making the Crystal’s fit similar to its predecessor – with the innovations above, of course.
You can choose between black matt, glossy white and genuine carbon.

Of course, it’s also possible to build an eye catching full face helmet with ECE 22-05 homologation.
The Fighter and the Alien II in matt black or glossy white are both available for under £150.
The Alien II Carbon is truly a unique helmet. All Fighter and Alien II models are lined with hypo-allergenic material which is gentle on the skin and comfortable. The CoolMax lining is removable and washable, helping you to feel clean and fresh every time you put your helmet on. What’s more, the Alien II street fighter helmet has adjustable ventilation and a new visor, which is also adjustable. The ventilation at the back of the helmet ensures that there is no build-up of air pressure.
These ECE-22-05 certified full face helmets come fitted with a clear visor, but alternatives are available from the manufacturer.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten cross bikes, quads or classic bikes.
For off-roaders, there’s the ECE 22-05 homologated MX II genuine carbon helmet with detachable sun visor, as well as the Historic MX made of GFK fibreglass.
We’ve also got just the thing for anyone who still has a motorcycle from the 80s in their garage and wants to hit the track in style – the UR full face helmet. Its look may be old-fashioned, but this GFK fibreglass helmet with padding and lining is bang up to modern standards.

Even serious bikers can rest assured that they’re in good hands with Bandit’s Snell SA Nomex.
This helmet has passed the toughest tests and is certified for all every racing track in the world.
H.A.N.S. (Head and Neck Support) can be yours for €95 including connectors and assembly into the helmet.

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