Hand-sewn Biker Boots and Cowboy Style Boots

Hand-sewn boots have been popular for decades and have an exceptional look of their own.
Many of you are sure to remember what it was like, spending months saving for your first pair of cowboy style boots or biker boots and slipping your feet into them for the first time. But the initial elation was usually soon followed by the sobering reality of walking on tender blisters – wearing in the new boots was hard at first and only the true fans were willing to grit their teeth through the same ritual with the next pair.
Fortunately, these days such an ordeal is rarely necessary. Constantly improving technology and selecting outstanding materials have almost completely eliminated this problem.
Moreover, sole ventilators are often used and the inner sole may be so comfortable that it feels as if it were made for your foot.

Our product range consists exclusively of boots made by traditional manufacturers from Spain, Mexico and South America.