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Bandit - Super Street 2 Carbon - New Motorcycle Helmet - for Streetfighter

- Bandit’s smallest helmet for real Streetfighters
- The Super Street II Carbon made from high strength carbon in 3D effect.
-Quick fastening, 3mm thick tinted visor.
-Small vision panel
- Race design with black stripes
- You don't know your size - simply measure with a tape measure the head circumference on the forehead directly above the eyebrows

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Super Street II Carbon by Bandit Helmets

The Super Street II Carbon is Bandit’s most affordable carbon Streetfighter helmet.
Made from high strength carbon, the helmet has a fascinating 3D look thanks the transparency of the epoxy resins.
The small vision panel covers a 3mm thick, contoured and tinted visor, the helmet itself is secured with a click fastening.
This mean-looking piece is also available in a racing design with black stripes. The helmet weighs approx. 950g when it is assembled and ready to go.

To find the right size, measure the circumference of your head directly above your eyebrows.

  • The Super Street II Carbon by Bandit Helmets in 3D effect and racing design
  • It is extremely lightweight and the smallest full face helmet Bandit produce
  • Also boasting a small vision panel and slim visor
  • Neat fighting weight of just 950g
  • Fast delivery

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