Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries B3 Gloves 188917 Leather

- Very soft nappa leather finger gloves
- Classic design with decorative stitching on the back of the hand
- Long knit cuffs keep your pulse warm
- Thin, effective polyester lining
- Soft pads on forefingers and thumbs to scroll
- Safe navigation on the touch screen
- Sublime Alpha Logo on the side outside
- Gloves come up a little big
- black and dark brown

Item ID: 830

Outer Fabric: 100% Leather
Cuffs: 95% Polyester
5% Lycra

Lining: 100% Polyester
Care: Dry Cleaning
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Alpha Industries B3 Gloves 188917

With the production of these gloves made of very soft nappa leather Alpha has then probably closed this gap.
They have a great fit and offer excellent comfort. The approximately 7cm long knit cuffs are good and warm exactly in the right place - the pulse.
In the glove itself, a thin but very effective polyester lining takes on the task of keeping your hands always at operating temperature.

The raised Alpha logo on the back of the hand fits perfectly with the 3 classic style stitching.

For those who also need to work a lot outdoors with their smartphones and tablets, or just want to have fun with them,
small fabric pads are sewn on the index finger and thumb, which easily glide across the screen.

The gloves come up a little big.

Regular fit

To help you to find out the right size please measure your hand circumference at your fist knuckles.

M/appr. 23cm
L/appr. 24cm
XL/appr. 26cm
XXL/appr. 28cm

  • Very soft satin gloss nappa leather in a classic look
  • Pulse warming soft knit cuffs and thin polyester lining with high impact
  • Sewn soft pads on thumb and index fingers for smooth scrolling
  • There is minimal disturbance to the feeling when using touch screens
  • Elegant appearance paired with very good functionality