Bandit Helmets

Bandit Integral motorcycle helmet ECE 22-05 retro fiberglass micro click closure

- Authentic full face helmet look from the 70th
- ECE 22-05 homologated and with fiberglass shell
- Skin-friendly cotton lining
- Inner lining and cheek pads removable for cleaning
- Very good visor attachment and guide
- Smaller helmet shell for sizes XS and S

Item ID: 811

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Bandit Integral ECE 22-05 homologated retro motorcycle helmet

In some corners are still angry four-cylinder with bogies or even the lethal H2 rockets from the 70s around.
At that time there was no helmet obligation but who once used the full width of the motorway at full speed to get back on course stable, had the next time a helmet on.
There was not so much choice at that time and the full face helmet was the only one that was just acceptable.

Now there is the authentic head protection with strong fiberglass shell and ECE 22-05 certified.

In addition to the ECE homologation was also worked on the interior and processed a skin-friendly cotton lining.
This can be removed like the cheek pads for cleaning.

As a further high-light, the visor attachment has been completely redesigned, now ensures that it allows except the two functions in the "old" full-face helmet - "completely open or completely closed" - stepless settings. In addition, it does not rattle as loud as the valves in one or the other youngtimer.

The fact that the helmet sits securely on the head, ensures a micro-click closure - also called toothed belt buckle.

In order to keep the outer dimensions as small as possible, the sizes XS and S have a smaller helmet shell - a very good idea ;-)

The fit is very good.

To our friends in UK, just want to make sure that this item passes customs and may cost some fee because of the brexit. 

  • Optically authentic full-face helmet as in the 70th
  • Classic white finish with the black "race" stripes
  • Reatly improved recording and guidance of the visor
  • High tech in the old school look
  • Fast secure shipping