Bandit Helmets

Bandit - New Original Full Visor for Integral Helmet - Clear or Tinted

- Integral visor
- Matching visor for the integral helmet without ECE homologation

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Replacement visor for Bandit full face helmet Integral

Please bear in mind that this is for a retro helmet. There is of course up-to-date technology beneath the surface -
but some of the old the quirks and kinks from those vintage designs are still present in our new versions.
The visors for Bandit’s Integral helmet are not mass-produced standards but rather can vary slightly in terms of shape or spacing
- - - this is completely intentional - - -

Attention: Offer is only for visors - there is no helmet included

  • Visors by Bandit Helmets for the retro full face helmet
  • Remember - these visors are for the retro helmet - that’s why they are true to that 20th century style
  • Never fear, we will only send visors which fit the helmets as seen in the pictures.
  • Streetfighter visors from the helmet manufacturer
  • Fast delivery