Alpha Field Jackets and Parkas

Combat Jackets, Parkas and Soft Shell Jackets

Alpha combat jackets or ‘field jackets’ and parkas such as the Fishtails are, in contrast to the flight jackets, made primarily of cotton and available in various designs.
Each civilian model is derived from a corresponding military counterpart.

The wild and free ‘60s counterculture, culminating in Woodstock festival, paved the way for widespread desirability of this jacket.
On German television, a rather rebellious police superintendent in the Ruhr Valley was known for wearing his favourite jacket, an M65, increasing its visibility. Commissioner Schimanski, well done for that.

The passing years brought with them many new designs. Many of them were deliberately kept minimalistic to give their wearers a certain exclusive edge.
That philosophy is still one of Alpha’s priorities. Each year, several limited edition jackets from the collection are available for a brief period, some of them short-run and numbered editions.

Alpha Industries also creates super-light and high-function microfibre jackets. The soft shell jackets have become a permanent feature of Alpha’s jacket collection.